Thursday, February 28, 2013

January-February 2013

Everyday I keep asking if I am 5 years old yet. For some reason I can't wait. My mom got smart and finally had me memorize my actual birthday, so now I can't ask as frequently.  Besides my Pre-K school program, I have a lot to learn yet. There seem to be so many numbers we have to memorize in addition to using them for math. I am trying to learn our phone number, and of course, every person these days has more than one easily. All I know is there's a "3" in there somewhere. Then there's the street address--forget about the other number I'll need for getting a job. My dad wants me to learn that one quick so I can begin to pay rent. What is rent? Yeah, another number to remember.
I am enjoying being a big brother--I help as often as I can to get my sister up and down stairs or her bed. Mom gets a bit worried, she says I handle Lily like I am a steer wrestler ready to make good time. I think that means I have to grab her less around the head with my elbow holding tight.
I am enjoying school tremendously. I have great teachers, friends, and I am learning a new letter a week. This week we've been working on "H." I'm getting good at cutting with scissors--hide your daughters' long hair from me! Just kidding.
Outside of school, I am lucky to have regular dates where I play with friends, and am even learning about soccer. Did you know it's the most popular sport in the world? Our coach Tony teaches us cool facts like that. I love that kind of information.

I'm 4 but I'll always need my Mommy.

Learning about soccer.

Measuring stuff is fun.

Dressed up for a b-day party in my Swissy Shirt.

Hung out watching trains during a birthday party. Good times.

Piecing together a dinosaur is hard work!

Checking out the tidepools before I fell in--oh, three times. :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

October-December 2012

Where do I begin with this phase in my life? Let's start at the beginning then get into the really good stuff. Actually, it was all good. It was one party after another until 2013. Thanks, 2012, that was fun!!!

So, the big news is that I turned 4!

Yay, I got a bike for my birthday!

I had a great time with friends as well when my parents had a birthday party for me. That's my birthday cake with spider webs on it and Spiderman, too!

Another cool thing we did was watch the Space Shuttle come to Los Angeles, then SLOWLY make it's way to the Science Museum. My dad and I got pretty close to it--it is so big!

It's October, which means Halloween and costumes. Can you guess who I was?

After some wobbly attempts, we decided to splurge on training wheels, now I'm really on the go!

At Grandma Laura's house working off our Thanksgiving Turkey and working on our Holiday cards. I love stamping!

Getting some good advice from Saemichlaus on being a good boy.

Wrapping up our year sending greetings and well wishes to friends and family for Christmas and 2013.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

August-September 2012

My, I have a lot of make up to do with these posts. Sorry, free help (my mom) is sometimes hard to work with.
August and September were full of nice visits around some local areas, and from family members.

That's me having some quality time with my Godfather's phone playing "Angry Birds."

Having some time with daddy. He makes running up a lot of stairs seem so exciting.

My summer ride. I hope to get something more my size for my birthday. ;)

Helping dad around the house--here we're getting my sister's crib made into a little bed.

Nice trip to the Scripps Aquarium--watch out for the sharks!

Having a blast at a friend's birthday--sunscreen had nothing on me this day!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June & July 2012


June was fun. We had a really good time at the local open house at the maintenance yard. I wish they had that every weekend! It was also the month of my mom's birthday--Happy Birthday, Mommy! Towards the end of the month we embarked on a camping trip as a family.

Our local city does an open house at the maintenance yard. It was so much fun!

I can so drive this!

Crazy hair day at school. A bit of a green mohawk. Wouldn't let mom cut it for another month after this, too.

Look at the size of this cone!

The beginning of July went so fast with our camping trip. There are few things that rock about camping. Here are some of them:

Being out in nature and not have to worry about a bath.

Having some beautiful places to have some cereal for breakfast.

Being able to stretch your legs.

..and having some time to relax with my morning warm milk and look for the perfect Ford Mustang.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

March-May 2012

Hi! Here we are with March, April, AND May already in the rear view mirror! Thankfully all our items are dated. Yes, I see...I remember now. As I review our photos I remember the fun we had. Here's what I was up to with the family...

Earlier on in March, we went on a quick road trip down towards San Diego. We found a nice beach and explored some more beaches where we got to see some sea lions up close. I love being in the water and had fun exploring. March was also a time where I was trying to do some important work around the house, so you could find me working on my keyboard/mouse and in the kitchen with papi.

Beach time!

Checking out the little critters in the water with papi and Lily.

Working hard on my projects. I work on a variety of things--with Bob the Builder, on rockets, new recipes. Yeah, I like to work.

Adding some essence to our side dish. "Bam!"

For Easter, we went to see some friends up north. Then, for my buddies locally, mom and I made Goldfish Carrots. After a big meal on Easter, we went out to the golf range and hit some golf balls. It's harder than it looks and we worked up a big sweat. Not long after that we hit the road again to New Mexico to celebrate a couple of big events--my little sister's first laugh & birthday party, and my Grandma Laura's birthday, too.

Goldfish Carrots! Yum.

Focus, Alex. Focus.

My favorite pass time when we get gas on a trip is spreading water streaks on every car window!

May had us home just chilling out. I did have a busy time at school making things for Mother's Day and celebrating mom's everywhere. I hope you had a good Mother's Day and did something good for the mommy in your life. This month was also the actual month of my sister turning 1. So many people were generous enough to worry that I would feel left out, I even got presents, too! How cool is that?!


For mother's day, here's one of my gifts. My mom was so excited she took a bit of a blurry picture. I like to think she was shaking with excitement. :)

My drawing of my mom for her big day.

That's me opening my own present on my sister's birthday. What luck!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your sweetie remembered you and you got nice Valentines from your friends and loved ones! My mom and me (mostly my mom) made a bunch of cards for my friends and classmates. I seem to gather more interests as time goes on, so we had to narrow down our choices and decided on having cards that had rockets on them. It was a lot of fun.

I'm now 3 yrs old, or 40 months. My mom thinks it's better we stick with "3 years old," otherwise she said 40 months sounds like a car lease or something. Anywho, I am keeping busy with school, playing, playing some more and having fun attending all these fun birthday parties from Mommy n Me class. My dad still speaks Swiss German to me and I know a lot of words but seem to always answer him in English. We're working on this but my parents wonder how much it will continue to be this way now that I am starting school. My mom smiles when I say talk to her and use "mit" instead of "with." I figure she understands what I am saying, so I'm going to continue using "mit."
Have a good day!

See anything different?

Sometimes I lend a hand with my little sister.

Parties are fun!

Trying to get mom to take Lily so daddy can jump with us kids.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

Happy New Year! It's 2012, can you believe it?! I don't really know what that means, but it's what I hear all the grown ups say. All I know is I'm 3 and a few months, so I am getting bigger each day. Here's some of the fun we've been having since Christmas time.

We started the year off with a museum visit where we tried our luck panning for gold. All I got was a wet T-shirt and pants from getting carried away swirling the water. Yep, it was so fun!

We have had a really sunny winter and had fun getting the first ripe lemons off our recently planted lemon tree. Yummy!

In school we made dragons in honor of the Chinese New Year. Mom took me to the park so I could show her how it worked and mine danced really hard because it was a windy day!

I asked mom, if I flew direct, how soon would this get me to Opa & Grosi.

I love helping dad & mom fix things around the house--and if all our weekends are any indication--we'll always be busy! That makes me happy because I love to help with my own drill and hit things with my hammer. :)